Test the mechanistic role of RyR2 hyperactivity for ventricular arrhythmia in the ex vivo human heart

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The purpose of this project is to conduct data processing, analysis of human heart experiments (e.g., RVOT) and subsequently generate, submit, and publish related manuscripts. Scope Description The scope of this project is to conduction data processing and analysis of human heart studies and subsequently generate figures, prepare manuscripts, and eventually submit and publish them. In addition, we will also collect human tissue samples procured from existing collaboration with Washington Regional Transplant Community (WRTC). Deliverables For the project to be considered successful, the following deliverables and any additional ones agreed upon will be targeted for completion. 1. Deliverable 1 – Data processing and analysis of human heart experiments. 2. Deliverable 2 – Preparation and submission of abstracts, and manuscripts for publication. 3. Deliverable 3 – Donor human heart tissue samples collected for subsequent processing. As a side note, the tissue samples collected will also include sample collection for the epicardial adiposity project, concurrently supported by NIH K99 project.
Effective start/end date4/1/226/30/23


  • American Heart Association (19SFRN34830033)


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