Testing the effectiveness of a domestic violence intervention at reducing recidivism

  • Lawrence, Erika Eileen (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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The purpose of the project is to evaluate the effectiveness of ACTV, an Acceptance and Commitment
Therapy-based group intervention for court-mandated domestic violence offenders. Intimate partner violence
(IPV) is highly prevalent in U.S. families and yields financial costs exceeding $5.8 billion annually. Even mild
and infrequent forms of physical IPV have severe consequences for individuals, couples and children exposed
to violence. Despite their widespread use and legal support, there is overwhelming and consistent evidence
that traditional interventions, based on patriarchal theory and/or cognitive-behavior theory, do not yield
statistically significant or clinically meaningful reductions in IPV.To date, there has been one study demonstrating preliminary evidence of the effectiveness of ACTV at
reducing recidivism compared to treatment-as-usual (TAU; a combination of Duluth and CBT approaches). The
objective of this project is to determine the effectiveness of our conceptually distinct Batterers Intervention
Program (BIP) at reducing IPV and recidivism.
Effective start/end date11/1/2010/31/23


  • Office on Violence Against Women (2020-SI-AX-0009)


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