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The peer support navigator and participant navigators will serve as a bridge between study families and the research team throughout the study. They will assist with recruitment of mothers at community sites, schedule and coordinate research visits, and will be available to families to answer questions throughout the study. A main component of the peer support navigator’s work will be to offer peer support to mothers who are struggling with substance use and help connect them to the recovery community, substance-free socialization, and other support services. All navigators will be part of a team tasked with developing a general resource and referral library for families. During visits, the navigators will be available to meet with families. They will participate in research team meetings and provide insight into best practices for engaging with participants in sensitive and destigmatizing ways. They may assist with data collection, for example by reading survey questions aloud to participants.
Effective start/end date10/1/21 → 6/30/23


  • University of California, San Diego (KR 705056 // 5U24DA055325)
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (KR 705056 // 5U24DA055325)


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