The Impact of Provider Wellness on Quality of Emergency Care

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Our goal in this preliminary study is to investigate the relationship between provider wellness, as measured through burnout and engagement, and quality of care, as assessed through the use of existing high-fidelity simulations scenarios, among a local population of EM trainees. The simulation scenarios will evaluate trainees on their performance of pre-determined critical technical (e.g., performance of a life-saving procedure) and non-technical (e.g., communication with emergency care team) EM milestone skills as established by the ACGME. The performance results of these EM trainees will be compared to their independently measured levels of burnout and engagement. This pilot study uses EM trainees as a proxy for practicing EPs and clinical performance in a high-fidelity simulation environment as a proxy for clinical care in an actual healthcare setting.
Effective start/end date9/1/1412/31/15


  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (3.9.15)


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