The Jack Miller Teaching and Research Post-Doctoral Scholar in Legal Studies at Northwestern University

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We like to think of the project as emphasizing connections with Alexander Hamilton who would serve as our Founding Father of record for our partnership. As we have discussed, he hallmark of Northwestern Legal Studies is grounded in the empirical study of law, legal institutions, and legal process with a national and international scope of study. Alexander Hamilton would be a perfect namesake for our project because he had international roots, born in the West Indies from humble beginnings. Moreover, Hamilton is considered one of the most influential figures in the development of American financial systems, industry, as well as government regulation of financial markets and institutions. Not to mention his incredible influence in drafting more than half of the Federalist Papers. The central components of the this project will be: (1) the Jack Miller Teaching and Research Post-Doctoral Scholar in Legal Studies at Northwestern University; (2) A special Constitutional Law Seminar and conference for faculty and students taught each winter quarter for the duration of the project (see budget narrative for further details); and (3) undergraduate research support. Together with the Graduate School, and Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, we also will require some institutional support to properly administer the program. Please see the attached budget and budget narrative.
Effective start/end date4/1/131/31/17


  • Jack Miller Center for Teaching America's Founding Principles and History (Agreement 04/11/2013)


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