The Jihadist War Economies Project: The Political Economy of Territoriality, Illicit Business, and Proto-State Governance among Contemporary Jihadist Organizations

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The JWE project seeks to connect the disparate literatures on civil war economies and state formation, in order to explain contemporary forms of jihadist governance and proto-state development. It proposes that illicit economic and political activity have a symbiotic relationship in these conflicts. With respect to the empirical work, the JWE research agenda will cover six diverse and networked jihadist organizations: 1) Taliban networks in Pakistan and Afghanistan, 2) the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, 3) Boko Haram in Nigeria, 4) MUJAO/Les Mirabouts in West Africa, and 5) Al-Shabaab in Somalia. Of these cases, four (Al Shabaab, Islamic State, Boko Haram, Taliban) are amongst the richest terror organizations, while MUJAO/Les Mirabouts play a critical role in profitable western African smuggling Networks.
Effective start/end date1/1/1612/31/19


  • Norwegian University of Life Sciences (250173)
  • Research Council of Norway (250173)


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