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Perfect Opportunity TIC opened in 1979-80, and since that time we have been able to upgrade the Louis Theater in several respects, installing improved lighting and sound and renovating the lobby area. In 2015, when the new Music and Communication Building opens, the Theater Department faculty offices will be relocated to the new space, and the TIC will undergo a significant renovation. As part of this sweeping project, we need to improve accessibility for our audiences. In the Louis Theater, these improvements will include: • Replacing the seating and adding a center aisle — currently, the theater is designed with continental seating configuration, with no center aisle, making it difficult for audience members to reach center seats, especially for older visitors and those with mobility issues. • Addressing the rake, or the incline of the theater from back to front — the pitch is currently too steep and needs to be leveled for our patrons to safely navigate it. • Using ergonomically designed seating — providing more back support and making it easier to sit for long periods of time. • Complying with ADA requirements for accessible seating — designating areas for wheelchairs and handicapped seats at locations throughout the theater. As we work to support our students and attract diverse audiences to see exciting performance work, these upgrades to the interior of the theater will be critical. Thank you for considering this request to help us improve the Louis Theater as we undertake our planned renovation of TIC. Expendable Funding for Louis Theater Improvements $250,000 Your gift would provide funding for replacing all the seats in the Louis Theater as well as modifications to increase accessibility and comfort for the theater’s patrons. These improvements will dramatically enhance the audience experience in what is one of the School’s most vital performance venues.
Effective start/end date12/1/1311/30/15


  • Josephine P. & John J. Louis Foundation (Award Letter 11/26/13)


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