The LSST Data Science Fellowship Program

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We envisage an initial program that will run for 3 years and educate and graduate two cohorts of students (a minimum of 30 students, but possibly up to 60 students, see budget section). This will provide sufficient time to evaluate the impact of the program. The timeline (starting in the summer of 2016) is set to enable these cohorts to have graduated from the program by the start of LSST commissioning. Assuming that we enroll second year graduate students into the program (i.e. those who have completed much of their initial physics prerequisites), the first set of graduate students will also be graduating and becoming postdocs at the time of commissioning. This will seed both the LSSTC and broader astronomy community with expert researchers and educational ambassadors for these kinds of LSST-relevant skills.
Effective start/end date8/1/1612/31/24


  • LSST, Inc. (PO N931250-L)


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