The Mobile Toolbox for Monitoring Cognitive Function

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Overall Project Summary: The prevalence of dementia increases with advancing age. However, some cognitive decline is expected to occuras part of normal agingbeginning in early adulthood. Differentiating normal frompathological cognitive change across theadult lifespan along with associated risk factors is essential for both preventing and treating abnormal cognitive decline. Unfortunately, current ability to do this is hampered by a lack of sensitive assessment tools that can be easily and widely deployed in diverse research designs and populations. Wewill address this limitation by developing, validating, norming, and disseminatinga MobileToolbox of cognitive assessments appropriate for remote smartphone administration in adults aged 20 to 85.We will accomplish this objective via the following aims: 1.Createthe MobileToolboxLibraryofiOS and Android smart-phone basedassessments. These will build from our existing work withinNIH Toolbox, ICAR,ResearchKit,ResearchStack,and FNAME. The MobileToolbox will also enabledelivery of additional measures of emotional health, motor and sensory functioning known to be important co-variates of cognition including measures from the NIH Toolbox and the Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS). The library will be open source and available for integration of additional externally developed tests. 2.Develop and maintain the MobileToolboxResearch Platform, a software platform to support clinical researchers and software developers in the dynamic, customizable integration of Mobile Toolbox Library into research studies.This will be developed as an extension of the platform built by Sage Bionetworks to support the 2015 launch of Apple’s ResearchKit. The Platformwill support researchers to contribute or select assessments and related measures, to manage study and assessment protocols, and to receive, store, aggregate, analyze and share (as appropriate) data collectedfrom participants using iOS and/or Android smartphone devices. 3.Conduct psychometric activities to validate, norm and assess the reliability of the MobileToolbox in both general population and various research samples tocreate general population reference norms.The cognitive assessments will be validated against gold standard measures in healthy adults ages 20-85. The measures will then be normed and 12-month and 24-month change scores calculated in an age-stratified (20-85), iOS vs Android, nationalsample matching the 2020 US Census (N=6,800) for gender, race, ethnicity, SES and level of education. Additional validation and longitudinal evaluationwill be conducted in healthy and clinical samples,including persons at risk for MCI or AD,cognitivelyimpaired and those withParkinson’s disease.
Effective start/end date9/15/185/31/24


  • National Institute on Aging (3U2CAG060426-04S2)


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