“The PROMISE study” A Patient Centered Online Training for Research Methods and Design in Home Visiting

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Home visiting (HV) provides services to pregnant women and new
mothers with the goal of improving maternal and child health outcomes
for low-income, vulnerable populations. The vast majority of HV programs
use lay home visitors to deliver services; these lay home visitors typically
have education and training in early childhood or human services, but are
void of training in research methodology. This limits lay home visitors’
ability to contribute as stakeholders in developing patient-centered
outcomes research (PCOR) that meets the needs of their patients and
communities. HV research has grown exponentially in the last decade,
with a growing emphasis on precision HV—i.e., determining which types
of HV services work best for which families. This research calls on HV
programs to conduct PCOR that a) targets outcomes that matter most to
patients (i.e., HV clients) and b) develops appropriate modifications and
enhancements to HV program models. In collaboration with HV
stakeholders, this project will develop an innovative online training that
prepares lay home visitors to become more effective PCOR partners,
irrespective of their prior education and training.
Effective start/end date6/1/195/31/21


  • Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (14343-NWU)


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