The Role of Mutations in the TCR Signaling Complex in Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma

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We hypothesize that these TCR-associated mutations underlie the oncogenic alterations in the
TCR signaling cascade in CTCL. In particular, we will investigate whether these mutations enable
CTCL’s capacity for limitless proliferation and its overproduction of immunosuppressive
factors. Because these processes are most often responsible for patient mortality in CTCL, we
predict that these studies will therefore be critical for the eventual development of a cure for this
intractable disease.

Specific Aims:
1. To elucidate the role of CTCL mutations on T cell receptor signaling.
2. To elucidate the role of CTCL mutations on TCR-dependent proliferation and production of
immunosuppressive factors.
Effective start/end date7/1/166/30/19


  • Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation (2016095)


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