The role of the microtubule regulators Kif4 and EB1 in HIV-1 infection - Project 2

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The transfer of this NIH Award and research program to Northwestern University in no way affects the current or future research plans outlined in the funded award proposal. In fact, my recruitment to Northwestern and promotion to Associate Professor comes with larger research space, equipment, facilities and support than was available to me at Columbia University, and addresses the concerns about my support raised by some of the reviewers of the original proposal. My support includes lab space with our own dedicated confocal microscope for fixed and live imaging, as well as dedicated tissue culture and BSL2+ laboratory space for work with wild type HIV-1. This means that our ability to perform the experiments outlined in our Project is actually greatly enhanced by this move. Furthermore, while the members of this Program Project Grant have always used e-mail as the most efficient means to communicate on a daily basis to discuss ideas and collaborate, which will remain unchanged, Northwestern have also included funds in my start-up to cover travel to New York for collaborator and progress meetings, as outlined in the PPG proposal. As such, our specific project and our contribution to the overall PPG will not be negatively impacted in any way by our move. Finally, my move to Northwestern will enhance aspects of our proposed research as Northwestern is home to Dr. Tom Hope, a leader in the field of HIV-1 live imaging, and Dr. Greg Smith, an expert in herpesvirus live imaging. Our proximity to these experts, one based in our new department and the other in a neighboring department, will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to both our own research Project and to the overall PPG.
Effective start/end date7/1/144/30/19


  • Columbia University (1(GG010108-17) // 5P01GM105536-05)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (1(GG010108-17) // 5P01GM105536-05)


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