Three-dimensional tomographic and electrochemical characterization of Li-ion battery performance and safety

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The objective of this proposal is to support the development and deployment of a new Navy-specific battery technology. The proposed academic project will develop scientifically sound fundamental understanding and characterization of battery chemistries and architectures, thus directly supporting the Navy's broader development and deployment objectives. Although the proposed project is based upon fundamental research, the effort will be executed to coordinate with and support a Navy initiative to develop and field inherently safe Li-ion battery systems based on a lithium-iron-phosphate cathode and a lithium-titanate anode. In this proposed project, Northwestern University will carry out three-dimensional tomographic imaging, electrochemical testing, and analysis of the battery electrodes. The research will be closely coordinated with the battery supplier company and the other members of the academic team (Colorado School of Mines and Stanford University). Northwestern will provide the three-dimensional tomographic data on battery electrode structure, along with other characterization including electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, as needed for battery modeling activities at Colorado School of Mines.
Effective start/end date5/1/194/30/22


  • Office of Naval Research (N00014-19-1-2135 P00001)


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