Tibetan language lectureship at Northwestern

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Because teaching Tibetan at Northwestern is the linchpin of a successful program in Tibetan Buddhist Studies, we are applying to the Khyentse Foundation for funding to hire a part-time Tibetan language lecturer for three years. Our aim is to enhance Northwestern University’s program in Tibetan Buddhist studies, and more broadly in the study of Asian languages and cultures, by hiring this specialized language lecturer. Northwestern is newly emerging as a leading center for Tibetan Buddhist studies in North America, a welcome development stemming from new faculty hires over the past several years as well as the recent (2013) inauguration of the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures. We are attracting increasing numbers of undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying the Tibetan language, but so far have been unable to meet the demand for Tibetan language classes.
Effective start/end date9/1/168/31/23


  • Khyentse Foundation (Agmt 11/2/16)


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