To conduct clinical research on the life Walker Upright (Study Device)

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Briefly describe the Student Intern’s role. The intern is involved in understanding the functions of wearable robots used for individuals with disabilities and help with research studies specific to these devices. What are the specific goals and objectives? The specific goals are to turn the intern in the fundamentals of how clinical research is conducted and to train in understanding the functionalities and limitations on performing clinical trial research in wearable robotics What specific knowledge, skills or techniques will be learned? Clinical research design, data collection and interpretation strategies, patient evaluations, clinical outcome measures, robotic device set-up and management of advanced rehabilitation technology. How, specifically, will these knowledge, skills or techniques be taught? Include the specific tasks and activities to be completed. The intern will shadow the supervisor to learn about conducting clinical research and will report to the supervisor on weekly assignments. The supervisor will assign a small dedicated project to the intern to complete. The intern will shadow a biomedical engineering and a post-doc to learn about wearable robots, their function, set-up, design, and patient interface. The intern will also shadow a physical therapist to learn about clinical evaluations, outcome measures, and patient training on robotic devices. The intern will need to summarize the training sessions on a weekly report to the supervisor. The intern will use her learned skill set to complete her dedicated assignment to write the final report. Who will provide daily supervision of the intern and what are their qualifications to impart the planned learning? Intern will be supervised by Dr. Arun Jayaraman, Director of the Max Nader Center and Research Scientist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. He is also an Assistant Professor of PM&R and PTHMS at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine. How will the intern’s acquisition of new skills and competencies be measured? Supervisor will meet weekly with Intern. She will be expected to present at Lab meetings and University Seminars, finally will write a report which will be evaluated by the supervisor.
Effective start/end date5/15/1610/31/16


  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (CC#81941 AGREEMENT 5/15/16)
  • ProtoStar, Inc. (CC#81941 AGREEMENT 5/15/16)


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