Tolerance Induction in Human T Cells with Ag-PLG Nanoparticles for Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes in Humanized NSG Mice

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Similar to our data in mouse models of autoimmune disease, we hypothesize that tolerance will be induced in human naïve and previously activated CD4 and CD8 T cells in humanized NSG mice using diabetogenic antigens/peptides encapsulated within carboxylated PLG nanoparticles. To test this hypothesis, we will carry out the following three specific aims over a two year period: Aim 1: Establishment of humanized NSG mouse model of responses to diabetogenic Ags Aim 2: Proof of principle that Ag-PLG particles can establish tolerance in human T cells Aim 3: Determination of the mechanistic basis of tolerance in human T cells in humanized NSG mice
Effective start/end date12/3/1311/30/15


  • Novo Nordisk Inc. (Agmt 12/03/13)


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