Toward Translation of an Immunotherapeutic Nanomedicine for Neuroblastoma

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Dr. Evan Scott has expertise in the scalable fabrication and in vivo application of targeted nanomaterials for the controlled delivery of therapeutics. He will be responsible for the design, synthesis, characterization and drug loading of polymeric nanocarriers and therapeutic payloads. He will oversee the optimization of flash nanoprecipitation protocols for scalable fabrication and drug loading of polymeric nanocarriers. These materials will be characterized via nanoscale analytical microscopy and assessed for cellular interactions in vitro. Optimized materials will then be shipped to Dr. Wilson at Vanderbilt University for subsequent in vitro and in vivo validation.
Effective start/end date7/1/226/30/26


  • Vanderbilt University (OSA00000121-01 // 5R01CA274675-02)
  • National Cancer Institute (OSA00000121-01 // 5R01CA274675-02)


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