Training and Technical Assistance for the Neighborhood Health Status Improvement Project of the Greater Rochester Health Foundation (Phase II)

  • Puntenney, Deborah L (PD/PI)

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The following Scope of Work is based on discussions with grantees, the GRHF program officer, and observations by the technical support provider during phases I through III of the NHSII (including three implementation years). It represents the proposal for technical support for the first year of Phase IV of the NHSII grants, including working with three current/ongoing grantees, and as many as three new grantees. Because grantees have developed in very different ways, the TA support will be targeted to the status and sophistication of each current/ongoing grantee, and tailored to the specific needs of the new grantees. The support provided will fall into three types:
(1) Grantee Sessions for current/ongoing grantees that provide key grantee staff, residents, and partners with direct help with individual project needs, and which encourage them to new levels of performance as they progress along the GRHF model for health improvement;
Grantee Sessions for new grantees that orient key grantee staff, residents, and partners to the elements of the NHSSI grants, including the ABCD approach, in workshops and direct technical support sessions designed to help each group launch their project with the best possible framework for success under the funding initiative.
(2) Program Sessions that convene key staff from grantee organizations for discussion of topics and needs that apply to all grantees; some of these session with include the two groups of grantees separately (ongoing and new), while some will incorporate all of the grantees.
(3) Other Program Support, which will include a limited amount of direct support to other foundation grantees or potential grantees, and other support as identified by the foundation.
Effective start/end date9/1/138/31/14


  • Greater Rochester Health Foundation (Agreement 10/1/2013)


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