Trans-omic analysis of epicardial adipose tissue in atrial fibrillation

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My role on this project is to lead and coordinate all work related to Aim 3 – metabolomics of epicardial fat and atrial fibrillation. The first goal is to perform association studies of metabolomics features and epicardial fat measurements in 2 ongoing cohort studies – MESA and Rotterdam. I will coordinate and secure all data relating to Atrial Fibrillation and epicardial adipose tissue from the 2 studies and arrange for the statistical association studies to be done by colleagues at University of Texas. The next phase of the project is to perform CT scan readings for existing scans from the Dallas Heart Study in order to use those data for validation of the findings in the other 2 studies. I will also coordinate and arrange for metabolomics analyses from Metabolon of samples from the Dallas Heart Study. I will lead the data analysis for this validation as well. I will serve as the primary contact with University of Miami for all of this work, and I will be the coordinator of all the work of the subcontractors at University of Texas, Erasmus University (Rotterdam), and Metabolon. To assure coordination of all aims of the project, I will participate in monthly team investigator meetings. I will devote 10% effort in Years 1 - 5.
Effective start/end date2/1/211/31/24


  • University of Miami (OS00000639//5R01HL155718-02)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (OS00000639//5R01HL155718-02)


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