Transforming Hypertension Management in Nigeria

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Scope of Work Dr. Lisa Hirschhorn (Co-Investigator, site PI Northwestern University) Dr Hirschhorn will lead the implementation science components of the study including leading decisions on frameworks, supporting team decisions on implementation outcomes and measures, and participating in qualitative analysis and interpretation of quantitative results. She will also oversee implementation research capacity building, provide direct mentorship and support dissemination. She will also be responsible for IRB-related activities at Northwestern and oversee the team as well as supporting reporting. She will attend regular team calls, additional project-specific calls and travel to Nigeria for study-related work. Dr. Namratha Kandula, Co-Investigator, Northwestern University) is a primary care physician and researcher. She is experienced in the development of community models to adapt and deliver evidence-based interventions for minority communities. Working with the team Dr. Kandula will be a leaders of the formative qualitative work including development of tools, interviews and analysis. During the study implementation, she will work with the team supporting Dr Sanuade and Nigerian team on adaptation of qualitative collection tools, coding and qualitative analysis and dissemination. She will also participate in regular team calls and in calls targeting qualitative analysis to understand implementation outcomes and factors associated with variability. Ms. Abigail Baldridge, MS (Co-Investigator, Northwestern University) Ms. Baldridge will lead the quantitative analyses including input into data quality work, ongoing review of results. She will also provide support to the team in Nigeria including mentoring in analyses as needed. With Dr Hirschhorn, she will continue to support implementation research capacity building and mentoring of junior faculty from Universty of Abuja. She will attend routine team calls and specific statistician calls. She will also provide targeted project management support. Dr Olutobui Sanuade, PhD (Post doctoral fellow). Dr Sanuade will participate in design of qualitative analysis, lead data collection with the team in Nigeria, and lead or support analysis of qualitative data depending on the areas of focus. He will also support capacity building in qualitative methods and lead and support dissemination activities including manuscript development and other products. He will also participate in routine team calls, support Dr Hirschhorn in selected program management including IRB-related activities. He will also lead the work on development and testing and dissemination of the home BP-measurement project.
Effective start/end date9/6/222/29/24


  • Washington University in St. Louis (WU-23-0306 // 7R01HL144708-04)
  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (WU-23-0306 // 7R01HL144708-04)


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