Traumatic Brain Injury

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ONP-302 particles are being developed for the treatment of acute pathologic inflammation resulting from TBI. It is currently unknown whether ONP-302 demonstrates efficacy at dose levels lower than 1 mg/mouse or if efficacy is improved at higher dose levels. Additionally, the efficacy of ONP-302 at inhibiting NETs has not been explored. The goals of the studies proposed here are to determine the optimal dose level of ONP-302 and efficacy at inhibiting NETs. The results of these studies will help guide ONP-302 clinical development by enabling optimal dose selection and determining the utility of assaying NETs from blood as biomarker of pharmacodynamic response.
Effective start/end date5/5/217/31/21


  • Cour Pharmaceutical Development Company, Inc. (Kessler AGMT 5/18/21)


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