Undergraduate Research Assistant for A Real-Time Decision Support System for Proactive Response, including Recourse Planning, under Uncertain Active Cascading Emergencies

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The intention of this project is to support an undergraduate research assistant on an existing award. The parent project involves developing algorithms, procedures, and visualization for a real-time decision system (RTDS) that will assist emergency responders–federal, state and local–to coordinate and proactively respond to disasters and emergencies (D&E) that are cascading in a highly uncertain manner. Within this supplementary project, the undergraduate research assistant will collaborate with the PI and two doctoral students on a model for the liquid-fuels supply chain as it pertains to hurricane relief in the state of Florida. This will involve gathering requisite data, formulating and populating an optimization model, and solving and analyzing solutions to that optimization model. The optimization model will characterize arrival of diesel fuel and gasoline at ports via vessel, transfer of the fuel to terminals, and transport of the fuel across the state via tanker trucks and a Tampa-Orlando pipeline, with diesel fuel delivered to demand sites for use in diesel generators.
Effective start/end date6/1/188/31/18


  • Arizona State University (ASUB00000017 // 2017-ST-061-QA001-01)
  • Department of Homeland Security (ASUB00000017 // 2017-ST-061-QA001-01)


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