Understanding the Regrowth of Clinically Insignificant Fragments: Opportunities for Intervention

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We will collect stone fragments from patient’s undergoing PCNL. We will extract at least two ~0.5 cm stone fragments for use in our experimental study. The remainder of the stone will be sent for culture and analysis. 24-hour urine collection data and labs (CBC, BMP) are also routinely available for all patients prior to or within 3 months of surgical intervention. We will also collect a sterile catheterized urine sample intraoperatively after induction of general anesthesia and administration of antibiotics for later use in our KS-GBCs. Urine and stone fragments will be snap frozen and stored at -80oC. The stone will be excluded if the analysis shows it is not predominantly calcium based (≥ 60% calcium).
Effective start/end date7/1/216/30/22


  • Boston Scientific Corporation (AGMT 12/3/2020)


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