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Nature, Purpose, and Scope of Collaboration: The Northwestern Program in Public Health will provide research information and training programs, as well as consulting and leadership support with University of Illinois Extension Community Health efforts in Cook County. Responsibilities: Identified faculty within the Program in Public Health will work with the University of Illinois Extension County Director and other Extension administration, Extension specialists and local Extension educators when necessary in carrying out the following: Major Duties and Responsibilities • Identify and coordinate training for Community Health educators and volunteers (if appropriate), based on identified needs. • Provide Community Health educators and volunteer staff with reference materials that relate to best practices in the field of public health, as well as current trends and research. • Guide the Community Health educators through strategic planning implementation that aligns the Community Health team’s mission/goals/activities/aspirations with the most pressing health needs of Cook County residents. • Conduct face-to-face meetings and consult with Community Health staff through teleconferences and correspondence. • All Extension academic professionals are administratively accountable to the County Director with programmatic input from proposed faculty members. • Inform team of professional development opportunities relevant to identified priority areas. • Provide educational materials and/or access to research information for use by Extension professionals working with local groups. • Collaborate with other faculty (when appropriate) to support interdisciplinary program efforts. • Provide feedback to the Community Health staff in their development of educational materials including technical assistance for curricula and relevant evaluation approaches. • Provide comments to the county director on annual evaluations of the Community Health educators. Partnership & Collaboration • Creating connection with community partners whose mission and goals align with the Community Health Team program areas. Leadership • Guide the Community Health Educators in adapting to changing environments and effectively respond to recurring problems. • Guide Community Health Educators beyond their traditional way of thinking to find creative solutions. • Assist the Community Health Educators in embracing uncertainty and looking for new approaches to accomplish programmatic goals. Evidence-based programs • Assist with the development of specific strategies to create more evidence based programs. • Assist with the research and development of evidence based research aligned with the Community Health Team program areas.
Effective start/end date8/1/197/31/20


  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (No. P1967544)


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