Unveiling the Obscured Formation of Stars and Galaxies: Large-Scale Legacy Surveys with a New Three Color High Resolution Imaging Polarimeter on a 50-m Telescope

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The Northwestern group (G. Novak and graduate student) will contribute to the development and operation of the LMT imaging polarimeter by
(a) developing a cryogenic half-wave plate rotator for the polarimeter, similar to the ones built at Northwestern for the BLASTPol and BLAST-TNG balloon-borne experiments,
(b) taking responsibility for on-sky flux and polarization calibration,
(c) contributing to the development of a polarimetric mapmaker as part of the polarimetry data analysis pipeline (using experience gained via the BLAST and HAWC/SOFIA efforts underway at Northwestern),
(d) coordinating science input to the final polarimetric survey plan for the new LMT imager.
Effective start/end date9/15/162/28/22


  • University of Massachusetts (17-009589 D Amd. 2/AST-1636621)
  • National Science Foundation (17-009589 D Amd. 2/AST-1636621)


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