Using technology to help low-income and Latino smokers quit

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For Dr. Munoz’s project, BIT Core at Northwestern University will be responsible for the following: Phase I 1. Assist in the development of a needs gathering assessment and tool to provide the basis of the development of a mobile responsive web application 2. Produce an initial paper prototype of the initial web application based on the needs assessment Phase II 3. Produce an initial minimum viable product based on of the initial project prototype 4. Facilitate a comparison study between the initial paper prototype and the minimum viable product Phase III 5. Develop a fully-functional second iteration project based on data collected from the comparison study 6. Facilitate a comparison study of the second iteration project and the minimum viable product produced in Phase II Ongoing Project Needs 7. Host the completed intervention for the duration of the project (3 years) 8. Provide project management support for the duration of the project In addition to BIT Core’s responsibilities listed above, the following parties will be responsible for the following assets and labor: 1. Northwestern will provide server hosting and maintenance for system described above. This will consist of a typical Ubuntu Linux server hosted on the Northwestern network. 7. Palo Alto University will be solely responsible for obtaining appropriate IRB and other institutional approvals pertaining to research participant data hosted by Northwestern University. 8. Palo Alto University will primarily be responsible for acquiring any DNS domain names. Northwestern will provide assistance mapping those domains to point to Northwestern servers (see #1 above). 9. Palo Alto University will be solely responsible for recruitment & compensation of research subjects. 10. Northwestern will provide a reasonable amount of support assisting Palo Alto University using the system. This support can take the form of user & developer documentation as well as e-mail or phone assistance needed to help the core Palo Alto University staff begin using the intervention.
Effective start/end date7/1/156/30/18


  • Palo Alto University (Munoz-TRDRP-24RT-0027-SCNU // TRDRP 2)
  • University of California, Office of the President (Munoz-TRDRP-24RT-0027-SCNU // TRDRP 2)


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