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Dr. Wang will be working on Dr. Eklund’s Merit Review project. He brings expertise in murine models of leukemia and inflammation to the project and will assist Drs. Bei and Huang with these studies. He also has expertise in culture of human leukemia cells and translational studies with these cells. This will supplement the expertise on the project. Dr. Wang has the ability to perform and troubleshoot these investigations on an independent basis. This will facilitate completing this portion of the work on the Merit Review. Design and perform experiments investigating murine models of leukemia and inflammation. Isolate and culture murine bone marrow and spleen cells. Participate in pre-clinical translational studies in murine leukemia models. Perform in vitro studies of leukemia cells, including treatment with small molecule inhibitors. Perform site directed mutagenesis of transcription factor cDNA sequences to study structure function relationships of these proteins. Perform culture and transfection of myeloid leukemia cell lines. Isolate proteins from myeloid leukemia cells. Perform immune precipitation of protein from leukemia cell lines. Perform purification of overexpressed proteins from E. coli or eukaryotic cells.
Effective start/end date10/1/163/31/17


  • Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (Agmt 10/6/16)


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