Video Information Provider for HIV-Associated Non-AIDS (VIP-HANA) Symptoms

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Scope of Work Primary Focus CBITs will be responsible for authoring a web application responsible for providing custom feedback to study participants based on a series of tailoring algorithms. Primary features include: Initial Tailoring Assessment – Participants will sign in and receive an assessment that allows for the initial tailoring profile to be authored. This will allow them to be assigned to a specific feedback group. Feedback Provision – Participants will receive content specific to the tailoring conditions identified in the initial tailoring assessment. Symptom Logger – This allows participants to assess their symptoms over time. In addition, graphical feedback will be provided as a report review of this data. Secondary Needs CBITs will also produce a research and user administration dashboard that facilitates use and analysis of research data and manages the creation of user accounts. In addition CBITs agrees to host the completed intervention for the duration of the project (3 years) as well as to provide project management support for the duration of the project. Phases of Development The overall scope of this project will occur in three phases and will be supported by continuing infrastructural efforts. Each phase will be accompanied by an overall signoff by the PI. Phase One) Prototype Development • Initial concept mockups will be created that define each of the major components • Needs analysis for the study dashboard • Proposal of an overall project timeline Phase Two) Working Beta Development • Functional versions of all major app components will be authored and tested by the study coordinator • Major testing of features will occur Phase Three) Final Release Development • A comprehensive review of the project will be completed and additional features will be added to the application
Effective start/end date7/16/155/31/20


  • Columbia University (3(GG012114-01) // 5R01NR015737-04)
  • National Institute of Nursing Research (3(GG012114-01) // 5R01NR015737-04)


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