Vietnam Education Foundation Fellowship - Hoang Thai Nguyen

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During the Fellow’s first two years at your University (years 1 and 2), VEF will provide an annual Fellowship grant of $27,000 to the University. This grant amount is in lieu of the following: all required deposits, school orientation fees, required tuition and fees for the academic year and summer session; medical and health insurance required of an international student for the academic year and summer session; required books and educational equipment; and stipends for 12 calendar months that would be at least the minimum amount that is provided to other graduate students in that department. The University cannot deduct any administrative fees from these grant monies. Your University is expected to provide additional funds as a cost-sharing arrangement to supplement our annual grant of $27,000/year for two years if the cost for all expenses described above exceeds the VEF grant, because the Fellow has no other financial resources.
Effective start/end date9/1/158/31/17


  • Vietnam Education Foundation (Letter 10/14/14)


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