Wearable Batteries with Hydrogel Electrolytes Using Additive Manufacturing

  • Shah, Ramille Nirav (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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The Shah Tissue Engineering and Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (TEAM Lab), under the guidance of Prof. Ramille N. Shah, has substantial expertise in new 3D-ink design (particle-laden inks and hydrogel inks), development, synthesis, and characterization as well as 3D-painting, the new additive manufacturing technology invented by and developed within the Shah TEAM laboratory. The Shah TEAM Lab will be responsible for particle laden 3D-ink design, development, characterization, and optimization. 3D-Inks that will be designed, developed, produced, and characterized include Zn, MnO2, LiMnO4, Ag, and Pt as well as graphene and graphene enhanced PEDOT:PSS. These inks will be utilized for coating flexible fibers (textiles) as well as direct 3D-printing into flexible battery structures.
Effective start/end date11/15/168/31/17


  • Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (137621)


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