Weight Optimization and Alternative Linkage Algorithm Implementation

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Statement of Work Health DataLink Project Project Title: Weight optimization and alternative linkage algorithm implementation Summary Health DataLink (HDL) wishes to obtain the services of a full time data scientist for project-specific work for HDL’s partners in a way that enhances Fellow’s educational and academic and professional growth and knowledge. The data scientist will work onsite under the supervision of the Chief Operating Officer, and in collaboration with the HDL Development team. HDL will provide all hardware and software necessary to perform the work. The Data Scientist will perform the following: • Understand companies product suite and provide expert opinion to our development team for optimization or performance enhancement • Design and build weighting scheme for existing matching algorithm • Implement, test, and deploy algorithm/s for accommodating more than one linkage strategy • Assist lead developer in trouble shooting basic code base available on client end • Review progress of the proposed technical build and recommend changes as needed • Participate in monthly project meetings, on-site meetings, technology calls/meeting and offer informal guidance in person or via email as needed over the course of the project The expectation is that this Project will lead to working toward independent research writing papers, manuscripts, presentations and briefs as well as strengthened expertise in the field of natural language processing, among other areas of academic interest to the Fellow and Fellowship Supervisor.
Effective start/end date11/1/162/28/18


  • Health DataLink, LLC (Agmt 11/01/16)


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