Wide-angle planar microtracking microcell concentrating photovoltaics

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Rogers group will develop hexagonally-shaped microscale solar cells with 46% microcell efficiency. Additional work will focus on scale-up and integration of the concentrator stack, microcell array, tracking mechanics, and control electronics into a final, self-contained module package. Assembled modules will be tested for efficiency and tracking performance both in the laboratory and outdoors. Operational reliability will be assessed over the course of a three-week field test at a targeted module scale of 20x20 cm2. Collectively, these data will be used as the basis for a comprehensive technoeconomic analysis that quantifies the projected energy generation, manufacturing, and maintenance costs for a rooftop microtracking CPV system over its anticipated 20 year lifespan.
Effective start/end date6/1/178/9/19


  • Pennsylvania State University (5688-NU-EARPA-0626 // DE-AR0000626)
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (5688-NU-EARPA-0626 // DE-AR0000626)


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