Women with Disabilities: Promoting Patient-Centered Care in Mammography Screening

  • Wolfman, Judith (PD/PI)

Project: Research project

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This proposal is an improvement in process project for the delivery of mammography services for women with disabilities. The research team will expand and assess the effect of a recent Webinar presented in Illinois developed to improve mammography technologists’ knowledge and attitudes about WWD undergoing mammography. The mammography technician seminars were established with the Illinois Department of Public Health and Access Living as a response to the disparity of screening between WWD and non-disabled women. The goal is then to develop a new webinar which will initially be presented as a pilot program in the Chicago area with the intent to then provide education for a broad-based audience of technologists. A pre- and post- presentation survey will be developed to measure the success of the program and change in providing mammography services for WWD. Inclusion of both these partners will ground the project in past efforts and provide the impetus to evaluate the educational gains and altitudinal shifts in the effort to improve the experience for WWD receiving mammograms. Dr. Wolfman will be the local principal investigator at Northwestern University. She will serve as a consultant for the development on the training video, provide review and revision as needed, as well as identify organizations for dispersion of the webinar and obtaining continuing education credit for the participants.
Effective start/end date4/13/15 → 3/14/18


  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (CC# 82152 Amd #1/CL4255 // CC# 82152 Amd #1/CL4255)
  • Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation (CC# 82152 Amd #1/CL4255 // CC# 82152 Amd #1/CL4255)


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