XMM-Newton Observations of Jets in Short Gamma-ray Bursts

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With the first discovery of a NS merger detected with gravitational wave facilities, and ongoing detections of SGRBs detected with gamma-ray satellites, it is a golden era to make significant progress in merger studies. A critical link between these populations is the production of relativistic jets, and the fraction of mergers that produce relativistic SGRB-like outflows. Deep X-ray observations have played an important role in constraining the collimation of SGRBs, as our current knowledge of the opening angle distribution comes almost exclusively from X-ray observations at >1 day after the burst. Here, we propose for XMM-Newton TOO observations to monitor a SGRB afterglow and constrain its opening angle, which will have significant implications for the energy scales and event rates.
Effective start/end date3/30/213/29/23


  • NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (80NSSC21K0818)


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