Year 4 Quality Management of HIV Prevention Services in Chicago

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I. Approach: The Evaluation Center will utilize best practices and lessons learned from previous continuous quality improvement (CQI) projects led by members of our investigative team to inform all project activities. In addition to the core Evaluation Center team (Drs. Phillips, Greene, and Johnson) who have used empowerment evaluation approach to build strong relationship with many CDPH delegate agencies, Dr. Lisa Hirschhorn will join the team as an expert in implementation science. Dr. Hirschhorn is a leader in implementing CQI initiatives in HIV care and other healthcare contexts. Using CQI as the guiding framework for this project, we will work with CDPH and all funded agencies to plan and facilitate overarching and tailored quality management plans to reach all programs where they are. This CQI approach, partnered with using Communities of Practices (CoP) theory – which seeks to facilitate learning within and across projects – will allow our experienced team to provide comprehensive, culturally responsive quality management support services to all organizations. This starts with the identification of capacity building and technical assistance needs for CDPH and the entire HIV services portfolio, and includes developing and coordinating trainings and resource guides to address these needs. It also is dependent on bringing organizations together in meetings, webinars, and other settings to learn from each other to create an entire system dedicated to practicing CQI. II. Project Goals a. Review of Best Practices – In order to inform our efforts to support delegate agencies in developing and implementing quality management programs and activities, we will begin with a thorough review of best practices across each domain of the HIV Services Portfolio. Our team has used this approach in prior CDPH-funded initiatives, and will use our extensive experience to guide this review. Dr. Phillips (PI) is an HIV epidemiologist with over a decade’s worth of experience in developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative HIV prevention interventions, particularly those targeted to Black men who have sex with men (BMSM) and young MSM. Dr. Phillips has also previously led evaluation efforts for the city of Chicago and is highly qualified to assess and address the needs of programs and partners alike within this unique context. Dr. Greene (Co-I) brings extensive knowledge of HIV prevention efforts in the city of Chicago, with a focus on programs and efforts targeting Latinx MSM. Dr. Johnson (Co-I) brings experience working with HIV advocacy groups, such as the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and has experience working with cisgender women who are living with or at risk of HIV. Finally, Dr. Hirschhorn (Co-I) is a leader in the fields of implementation science, quality improvement, and HIV care, which are especially relevant to the proposed project. With this institutional knowledge, the team will work together to review, summarize, and share lessons learned from the extensive literature and best practices review. These findings will be shared on the Evaluation Center website, presented at trainings and events early in the project, and condensed into resource guides that will be made freely available and widely disseminated. b. Strategic Planning – During the first year of the project, the Evaluation Center team will implement community needs assessments, surveys, focus groups, and key informant interviews to collect data to inform program planning activities. This will include hosting at least one event focused on generating a community dialogue t
Effective start/end date11/20/192/28/23


  • Chicago Department of Public Health (51549 TOR 700 // H89HA00008)
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (51549 TOR 700 // H89HA00008)


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