A Theory of Conformation Electron Field

Liaofu Luo, Chi-Hao Luan, Kejian Ma, Jianying Wang

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Starting from the main variables of biological macromolecules in life processes, the conformations of macromolecules and their frontier electrons, the concept of interacting conformation--electron field is proposed. Using the formalism of Green function, the elementary excitation of the system of biological macro-molecules is deduced which is a new type of excitation in the sense of anharmonicity and locality. Utilizing the adiabatic conformation electron wave functions the Hamiltonian for conformation transition is deduced. The theory is used to investigate doner--acceptor transitions and especially the photon-induced conformation electron transitions. The cooperativity of polymeric chains is discussed in the spirit of conformation electron field. The partition function is deduced which generalizes the Ising model and the cooperativity model of Monod et al. The meaning of vibration excitations in cooperative effect is emphasized 本文给出了一套对分子生物学问题进行理论分析的方法并列举简单应用的实例.以分子构象和前沿电子为变数,引入了构家电子场,给出了研究其集体激发的Green函数途径,指出生物凝聚态中存在新型局域激发.导出了构象电子跃迁哈密顿量,特别研究了光致构家电子跃迁,指出低阶跃迁为非Franck—Condon型的.研究了链式分子的合作现象,阐明了振动激发对于实现合作转变的重要性及转变中可能存在反常温度依赖. http://www.cnki.com.cn/Article/CJFDTOTAL-SWWL198503006.htm (罗辽复 栾祺浩 马克健 王建英, 构象电子系统的集体激发,跃迁过程和合作现象, 生物物理学报, 1985年 第03期)
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)170-180
JournalActa Biophysica Sinica
StatePublished - 1985


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