Actitudes y valoraciones de los jóvenes ante la TV móvil

Translated title of the contribution: Young people's attitudes towards and evaluations of mobile TV

Alfonso Méndiz Noguero*, Miguel de Aguilera Moyano, Eddy Borges Rey

*Corresponding author for this work

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Mobile communication systems are responsible for the significant changes that are taking place in cultural practices. The mobile phone has established itself as a portable, multi-use, interactive device that individuals use to enable them to manage important aspects of their work and leisure time. This article is based on research that aims to understand the phenomenon of mobile TV, the related trends (in terms of experiences, ideas, and models), and the type of user that operates this device. This article also analyses the values and perceptions of users as well as the benefits and drawbacks they encounter when using mobile TV. The study develops a mobile TV content test by using a viewing experience among 100 students from the universities of Malaga and Seville, in Spain. Structured questionnaires with closed questions are used with qualitative techniques that promote virtual discussion in forums that focuses on face-to-face groups. Altogether, the study has enabled the development of a theoretical model of the phenomenon of mobile TV, and has classified user preferences in terms of ergonomic technology, delivery dynamics, the economic value of services, and consumption patterns and scenarios. The main results focus on participants' evaluations of mobile media narrative and the cross-platform experience.

Translated title of the contributionYoung people's attitudes towards and evaluations of mobile TV
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)77-85
Number of pages9
Issue number36
StatePublished - Mar 2011
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  • Communicative scenarios
  • Cultural practices
  • Digital contents
  • Imaginative appropriation
  • Mobile TV
  • Streaming
  • Youth

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