Activity and dietary habits of mothers and children: Close ties

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Objective. To examine associations between activity and dietary habits reported by mothers for themselves and their children aged 2 to 11 years. Design/Methods. Cross-sectional, consecutive samples of parents at 13 primary care practices were surveyed on health behaviors. Survey questions were used to define 5 "healthy" habits: lowfat milk choice; low fast food use; low weekend screen time; low juice/sweet drinks intake; and high-frequency physical activity. Mixed-effects logistic regression models were applied. Results. Responses from a socioeconomically diverse group of 2115 mothers were analyzed. For each healthy behavior self-reported by the mother, the odds of the healthy behavior being reported for the child were significantly higher (range: odds ratio [OR] = 3.2 for high-frequency physical activity to OR = 19.7 for low-fat milk choice). Conclusions. Mothers and children often have similar health habits. The impact of clinician counseling for children may be strengthened by promotion of healthy habits for their mothers.

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JournalClinical pediatrics
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StatePublished - Nov 1 2010


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