Added mass computation for impellers in nuclear power pumps.

W. K. Liu, D. Lam, T. Belytschko, A. Mani

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In this paper, a method was developed for determining the hydrodynamic mass of the impeller stage of the rotor which accounts for the three dimensional geometry of the impellers and the effects of the fluid velocity. By using this method, more accurate calculations of resonant frequencies of the rotor and hence the seal forces can be made. In comparison with previous approaches, two main features were included: (1) an accurate representation of the shape of the impeller and the pump geometry; (2) the effects of the velocity of the fluid. The method was based on a linear perturbation technique which assumes that the disturbance in the pump's flow boundaries and velocities caused by motion of the rotor are small. A potential method was used to estimate the undisturbed flow field. The hydrodynamic mass was then obtained by calculating the total force which results from the pressures induced by accelerations of the rotor. In order to provide the method with the capability to treat geometrical details in three dimensions, a finite element technique was used. Details such as the shape of the impeller and the pump housing and the full three dimensional character of the flow can therefore be treated. Results were obtained for a proto-typical centrifugal nuclear pump. (from authors' abstract)

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1984
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