Basophils induce th2 immunity is this the final answer?

Booki Min*

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Despite the fact that basophils represent less than 0.5% of circulating leukocytes, recent studies have begun to unveil their potent immunoregulatory functions, i.e., induction of Th2 immunity. It is believed that basophils are capable of doing so primarily by secreting keyTh2-inducing cytokines, namely IL-4and Thymic Stromal Lymphopoiet in(TSLP), and by functioning as professionalantigen presenting cells. However, we have recently demonstrated that Th2immunity can develop in the absence ofbasophils or IL-4 during helminth infection. In this review, how basophils may(and may not) contribute to the development of Th2 immunity in vivo is discussed.

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  • Basophils
  • CD4 T cells
  • IL-3
  • Nippostrongylus brasiliensis
  • Th2 immunity

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