Chicago Red Light Camera Enforcement: Best Practices and Program Road Map

Hani S Mahmassani, Joseph L Schofer, Breton L Johnson, I. Ömer Verbas, Amr Elfar, Archak Mittal, Marija Ostojic

Research output: Book/ReportOther report


For: Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
By: Northwestern University Transportation Center

The City of Chicago has one of the longest-running and largest red light camera (RLC) enforcement systems in the country. While numerous studies have shown that camera enforcement is an effective deterrent to reckless driving and its use improves overall roadway safety, support for its application in various cities has not been uniform. Specifically, its application in Chicago has continued to generate public debate. This study performs an assessment of Chicago’s RLC program in terms of its impact on traffic safety, leading to a set of best practices in RLC enforcement, and recommendations for further improvement to the Chicago program. The aim is to provide guidance for continued RLC operation at individual camera locations, as well as for selection of locations for future implementation. By investigating available historical data and conducting statistical analyses, performance metrics and a set of guidelines were proposed to ensure the program is being implemented to the best benefit of the general public and of the City. A stakeholder engagement strategy was also designed and implemented to take into account expert and public opinion on the RLC program. The stakeholder outreach effort sought to better characterize and understand the expert and lay person perceptions of public concerns and gaps in knowledge about Chicago’s RLC program.
Original languageEnglish (US)
Number of pages104
StatePublished - Mar 17 2017


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