Collateral intimate partner homicide

Emily M. Meyer, Lori Post

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Collateral intimate partner homicide (CIPH) is an underinvestigated genre of intimate partner violence (IPV) where an individual(s) connected to the IPV victim is murdered. We conducted a content analysis of a statewide database of CIPH newspaper articles (1990-2007). Out of 111 collateral murder victims, there were 84 IPV female focal victims and 84 male perpetrators. The most frequently reported CIPH decedent was the focal victim's new partner (30%); 45% of focal victims were themselves killed. News reports framed CIPH as the unexpected result of interpersonal conflict, despite evidence of a systematic pattern of coercion and violence that capitulated in murder.

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JournalSAGE Open
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StatePublished - Apr 15 2013


  • Collateral intimate partner homicide
  • Content analysis
  • Gender symmetry debate
  • Media coverage of crime
  • Media frames

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