Composite Graphene Oxide-Polymer Laminate and Method

L Catherine Brinson (Inventor), SonBinh Nguyen (Inventor), Karl W Putz (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Vacuum-Assisted Self-Assembly for the Creation of Layered Nanocomposites NU 2010-047 Inventors Owen Compton Karl Putz L. Catherine Brinson* SonBinh Nguyen* Short Description Vacuum-assisted self assembly for inexpensive, fast production of nanocomposites Abstract Northwestern researchers have developed an improved method for producing nanocomposites. While composites produced by layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly, a common methodology, have excellent mechanical properties, LBL has a number of drawbacks, including limited material selection, setup cost and complexity, fabrication speed, and a narrow range of interlayer polymer composition. This new technology called vacuum-assisted (VASA) is a highly flexible technique for fabricating well-ordered, free-standing graphene oxide-polymer nanocomposite films/papers with high nanofiller concentrations (>50 wt%). It uses a simple, inexpensive membrane filter to obtain material with significant proportions of both polymer and nanofiller components from a colloidal solution of graphene oxide and polymer. VASA rapidly produces macroscopic samples of homogenous layered graphene oxide-polymer nanocomposities with either hydrophilic or hydrophobic polymers. Because VASA relies on filtration for assembly instead of alternating layer deposition, it is a complimentary method to LBL for fabricating layered polymer nanocomposites, expanding the scope of these layered materials with the following advantages: wider material selection, inexpensive and simple setup, faster buildup of layers, and wide range of intergallery polymer content. Applications o Gas separation membranes o High-strength structural materials Advantages o Highly flexible technique o Rapid production o Inexpensive and simple setup o Wider material selection o Faster buildup of layers o Wide range of intergallery polymer content Publications Putz KW, Compton OC, SonBinh NT, Brinson LC (2010) Remarkable Mechanical Properties of Graphene Oxide-Polymer Nanocomposite Papers Prepared by Vacuum-assisted Self-assembly. Advanced Functional Materials. 20: 3322-3329. IP Status A patent application has been filed. Marketing Contact Allan E. Nader, Ph.D Licensing Associate (847) 491-4456
Original languageEnglish
Patent number8709213
StatePublished - Oct 20 2011

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