Compositions and Methods for Altering RNAi

Richard Carthew (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


Enhancing Gene Silencing by RNAi NU 2005-063, 2005-064, 2006-182 Inventors Richard Carthew* Dinari Harris Young Sik Lee Short Description Novel strategy to improve gene silencing by RNAi for development of therapeutics #therapeutics #genetherapy #RNA #researchtool #method Abstract RNAi has been proposed as a therapeutic strategy for disorders characterized by aberrant gene overexpression (cancer, macular degeneration etc.) as well as for controlling viral infections. However, the main roadblock for using RNAi technology as a therapeutic is that several human proteins normally inhibit this process, lowering the efficiency of gene silencing. Northwestern researchers have devised a method for identification of these proteins and have identified several endogenous RNAi inhibitory proteins. Prof. Carthew and colleagues are conducting experiments to strategically inhibit these proteins in order to enhance RNAi efficiency. By identifying and disabling RNAi inhibiting host proteins, RNAi could evolve into an effective treatment for various diseases. The search for RNAi inhibitory proteins has also been undertaken in animal cells, suggesting that this approach could enable improvements in production of genetically modified organisms for research purposes. Applications o Gene therapy for infectious or chronic diseases o Rational drug design o RNAi laboratory research Advantages o Improved RNAi efficiency o Applicable to a wide range of host cells Publications Lee YS, Pressman S, Andress AP, Kim K, White JL, Cassidy JJ, Li X, Lubell K, Lim do H, Cho IS, Nakahara K, Peall JB, Bellare P, Sontheimer EJ, Carthew RW (2009) Silencing by Small RNAs is Linked to Endosomal Trafficking, Nature Cell Biology. 11: 1150-1156. IP Status US patents 8,318,688 and 8,735,371 have been issued. International patent application has been filed. Marketing Contact Michael Moore, PhD Invention Manager (p) 847.491.4645 (e) Tags THERAPEUTICS: gene therapy, THERAPEUTICS: RNA, RESEARCH TOOL: gene, RESEARCH TOOL: method
Original languageEnglish
Patent number8735371
StatePublished - May 23 2013


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