Crystal Structure of cis-Pt[P(CH3)3]2Cl2

G. G. Messmer, E. L. Amma, James A. Ibers

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The crystal structure of cis-Pt[P(CH3)3]2Cl2 has been determined from counter data by three-dimensional single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. Unit cell constants are: α =16.67 ± 0.02 A, b=11.93± 0.02 A,c=6.33 ±0.01 A,β=91° 25#x0027; ±15'. The space group is B21. The structure is made up of discrete molecular units with ordinary van der Waals separations. The asymmetric unit is one molecule with Pt-P distances of 2.256 and 2.239 A (both ±0.008 A) and Pt-Cl distances of 2.364 and 2.388 A (both ±0.008 A). The molecule is twisted toward a tetrahedral configuration with nearest neighbors of platinum displaced about 0.1 A out of the best least-squares plane defined by the platinum and its four nearest neighbors. These bond lengths are to be compared with Pt-P distances of 2.298 ± 0.018 and 2.315±0.004 A and Pt-X distances of 2.294 ±0.009 and 2.428 ± 0.002 A observed in trans-Pt[P(C2H5)3]2Cl2 and trans-Pt[P(C2H5)3]2Br2, respectively.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)725-730
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JournalInorganic chemistry
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StatePublished - Apr 1 1967

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