Distribution, excretion, and metabolism of 14C‐labeled quaternary ammonium salt of perphenazine in rats

C. L. Huang*, G. M. Mir, J. Z. Yeh

*Corresponding author for this work

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Urinary excretion was the major route of excretion of intraperitoneally administered perphenazine dimethiodide‐14C in rats. Peak blood level was observed at 0.5 hr. after the administration of the compound, and brain level was above the detectable level at the same period of time. Antimicrobial activities were demonstrated. The toxicity of quaternary ammonium salt of perphenazine on mice is higher than perphenazine.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)976-979
Number of pages4
JournalJournal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Issue number7
StatePublished - Jul 1970


  • Antimicrobial activity—perphenazine dimethiodide‐C
  • Distribution, metabolism, excretion—perphenazine dimethiodide‐C
  • Paper chromatography—radio scanning
  • Perphenazine dimethiodide‐C—synthesis
  • UV spectrophotometry—analysis

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  • Pharmaceutical Science

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