Early outcomes from the CLASP IID trial roll-in cohort for prohibitive risk patients with degenerative mitral regurgitation

The CLASP IID Pivotal Trial Investigators

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Objectives: We report the 30-day outcomes from the roll-in cohort of the CLASP IID trial, representing the first procedures performed by each site. Background: The currently enrolling CLASP IID/IIF pivotal trial is a multicenter, prospective, randomized trial assessing the safety and effectiveness of the PASCAL transcatheter valve repair system in patients with clinically significant MR. The trial allows for up to three roll-in patients per site. Methods: Eligibility criteria were: DMR ≥3+, prohibitive surgical risk, and deemed suitable for transcatheter repair by the local heart team. Trial oversight included a central screening committee and echocardiographic core laboratory. The primary safety endpoint was a 30-day composite MAE: cardiovascular mortality, stroke, myocardial infarction (MI), new need for renal replacement therapy, severe bleeding, and non-elective mitral valve re-intervention, adjudicated by an independent clinical events committee. Thirty-day echocardiographic, functional, and quality of life outcomes were assessed. Results: A total of 45 roll-in patients with mean age of 83 years and 69% in NYHA class III/IV were treated. Successful implantation was achieved in 100%. The 30-day composite MAE rate was 8.9% including one cardiovascular death (2.2%) due to severe bleeding from a hemorrhagic stroke, one MI, and no need for re-intervention. MR≤1+ was achieved in 73% and ≤2+ in 98% of patients. 89% of patients were in NYHA class I/II (p <.001) with improvements in 6MWD (30 m; p =.054) and KCCQ (17 points; p <.001). Conclusions: Early results representing sites with first experience with the PASCAL repair system showed favorable 30-day outcomes in patients with DMR≥3+ at prohibitive surgical risk.

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  • degenerative
  • mitral regurgitation
  • mitral repair
  • transcatheter

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