Effects on mood of activating the private versus the collective self

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The effect on exergamers' postgame mood of activating the private versus the collective self was investigated in 2 experiments. In Experiment 1 I found that group playing induces greater pleasure than individual playing. In Experiment 2 I used a 2 (chronic independent selfconstruals: high versus low) x 2 (activated self: private versus collective) between-subjects factorial design, and found a significant interaction between chronic self-construals and the activated self. Exergamers high in independent self-construals displayed more negative affective responses to defeat when the private self was activated than when the collective self was activated. In contrast, those low in independent self-construals showed no difference regardless of the activated self.

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JournalSocial Behavior and Personality
Issue number2
StatePublished - Mar 29 2012



  • Activation of private versus collective self
  • Exergames
  • Postgame mood
  • Two-basket theory

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