Expression of LFA‐1 in non‐hodgkin's lymphoma

L. Jeffrey Medeiros, Lawrence M. Weiss*, Louis J. Picker, Carol Clayberger, Sandra J. Horning, Alan M. Krensky, Roger A. Warnke

*Corresponding author for this work

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Lymphocyte function‐associated antigen 1 (LFA‐1) is a glycoprotein involved in virtually all aspects of the immune response requiring direct cell to cell contact. It has been suggested that lack of LFA‐1 expression in lymphomas may represent a mechanism of escape from immunologic surveillance. We investigated the expression of LFA‐1 in a series of more than 250 lymphoid neoplasms and reactive lymphoid proliferations using a frozen section immunoperoxidase technique. LFA‐1 was expressed by all lymphoid populations in the reactive cases. In contrast, absence of LFA‐1 alpha or beta chains was found in 44% of non‐Hodgkin's lymphomas, including 50% of B‐cell lymphomas. These findings suggest that loss of LFA‐1 expression may be of great use in the differential diagnosis of benign versus malignant lymphoproliferations. Eighty percent of initial biopsy specimens of low‐grade lymphoma exhibited LFA‐1 expression, whereas only 8% of recurrent specimens retained expression of both LFA‐1 subunits. However, we found no correlation between LFA‐1 expression and clinical course in a series of 64 patients with diffuse large cell lymphomas.

Original languageEnglish (US)
Pages (from-to)255-259
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Issue number2
StatePublished - Jan 15 1989

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