Raymond J. Krizek*, Abdelsalam M. Salem

*Corresponding author for this work

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The field performance of a 34-acre dredgings disposal site in Toledo, Ohio, is documented during the first few years of its history. Field permeability tests were conducted on the underlying soils prior to the deposition of any dredged material in the area, settlement plates were installed at various depths as the site was filled, field vane tests were conducted on the soft sediments, consolidation tests were performed on the slurries, and various other characterization tests were conducted on the dredged materials. The information obtained from this particular area is placed in perspective with complementary data from three other disposal areas in the vicinity. In addition to studying the characteristics of the dredged materials and their role in constructing a landfill, the horizontal and vertical deformations of the surrounding dike were monitored by means of periodic elevation readings and traverses and found to be negligible. Measured settlements in the landfill were compared with those predicted by classical consolidation theory and by a rather sophisticated nonlinear consolidation-desiccation mathematical model. The spatial heterogeneity of the fill material was assessed by grain size analyses on samples from various points in the fill and by periodic topographic surveys of the area during the deposition of dredged material.

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StatePublished - Jan 1 1977

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